Lootah Smart Parking

Lootah Smart Parking Systems LLC (LSPS), a division of Lootah Group of Companies is an automated car parking systems manufacturer and service provider in the UAE. Lootah Group of Companies, established in 1973 by Mr. Ibrahim Saeed Ahmed Lootah who hails from a founding family in UAE has been part of various iconic infrastructure projects in UAE as well as across the world. Having their headquarter in Dubai and a state of the art manufacturing facility in Ajman, LSPS is the first company to have its own manufacturing setup for Automated Car Parking Systems in UAE.


Automated Car Parking Systems (APS) is developed with the concept to maximize the parking capacity by using vertical spaces and by decreasing the area for ramps / driveways. In APS, driver and other passengers are moved out from the car before it is parked to the allocated parking slot. Driver parks the car in Parking Room and comes out from the car. The car is then moved automatically or semi-automatically to its parking space.

The concept for the automated parking system was and is driven by two factors:

  • Need for parking spaces
  • Scarcity of available land

APS can be applied either above ground or below ground. Steel Structure or RCC construction used for parking systems, which acts as an integral part of the building structure. Parking space – width and depth (and distances between parking spaces) are dramatically reduced since no allowance need to be made for driving the car into the parking space or for the opening of car doors.


  • No driving lanes or ramps are needed to drive the car to/from the entrance/exit to a parking space
  • Ceiling height is minimized since there is no pedestrian traffic (drivers and passengers) in the parking area
  • No walkways, stairways or elevators are needed to accommodate pedestrians in the parking area
  • The parked cars and valuables in the car are secure since there is no access to parked cars
  • Minor parking lot damages such as scratches and dents are eliminated
  • Drivers and passengers are safer not having to walk through parking lots or garages
  • Driving around in search of a parking space is eliminated, thereby reducing engine emissions
  • Handicap access is improved
  • Shorter construction time


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